What is AO?

AO is a collaborative group of artists & engineers lead by Alex Barry.  While they are primarily based out of Atlanta, contributing members are located all over the World.

Alex has been working on public artwork since 2011, with a focus on free and open art outside of traditional gallery spaces.

Why Public Artwork?

Public Artwork is a critical part of our mission for a number of reasons.

First, Public Artwork offers the important opportunity to give back to and keep in touch with the community. As artists, our work is often sheltered and displayed in very specific places and settings, which can often lead to a fundamental disconnect between the artist and viewer. Working in the community forces the artist to not only consider the needs of him or herself, but the needs of the community at large.

Second, and more importantly, Public Artwork has the potential to inspire real change. Because the overall vieweing audience is larger than traditional visual artwork, a Street Artist has the unquestionable ability to communicate his or her ideas to the community at large, in a very efficient manner. This leaves the artist with the responsibility of ensuring that the message being communicated is meaningful and beneficial.

How is the artwork made?

While spray paint remains a primary medium, more recent work has become digital in most aspects.

Research into Public Art using technology is an ongoing process, as the AO Team seeks to create new forms of Street Art.  We work with a number of professionals from different fields, including, but not limited to, Architects, Engineers, Mathematicians, Software Engineers, Photographers, and A/V Specialists to include a more diverse perspective, and pride ourselves on being innovators.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy all of the work!


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