Aesel Animation

Today’s animation workflow utilizes a wide number of different programs, each of which performs specific functions within the pipeline. While making films and animations is a highly collaborative experience, it is inherantly isolated by the fact that each of these programs is a desktop application. Each animator works on a small piece of the film in isolation, and then everyone gets together during dailies to see all of the work put together.

Aesel can act as the glue between all these different programs and devices, to allow studios to make films with a truly seamless pipeline between application. Even more, it allows multiple animators to work collaboratively on a scene from different devices, breaking the isolation that, until now, has defined the work. Aesel can scale from a handful of artists working on a production, all the way to full fledged studios with thousands of employees, so it can easily grow with your studio.



Aesel is horizontally scalable, meaning that you can run it on a single server, or across several datacenters.


Aesel is built with redundancies in every layer, so you don’t ever have to worry about down-time.


Animation Photo Courtesy of Tanbeen Amin