Aesel Education

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are just beginning to make their mark on the education landscape, and we’re willing to bet that they will become more and more common. These immersive worlds can capture the minds and hearts of students in ways that books or movies never could. But these worlds must be communities, rather than places of isolation. Students need to be able to interact with the content, each other, and their teachers in order to truly foster learning. Aesel can server as the backbone of these communities, whether your school has 100 or 10,000 students.


Distribute your Educational Assets

Distribute the pieces of your lesson automatically, along with all the data needed to generate your world.

Stream Object Transformations

As students and teachers interact with virtual objects, Aesel will stream these updates out to the rest of the class, keeping every device up to date.


Track Device Movement

Track Devices as they move around the school, and reconcile perspective with other, newly discovered devices. Everyone sees the same thing, in the same place.

Aesel dramatically simplifies the process of making AR and VR applications by allowing developers to focus on making beautiful, engaging content.

Aesel can grow as your application grows. And, being highly redundant, it is very resistant to failures. Aesel is designed to let you worry about the difficult part, creating content and engaging students. Aesel will handle scalability and network performance.

Education Photo Courtesy of ZSpace, Inc.