Aesel Enterprise

Aesel can act as an Enterprise Server for a number of different uses, ranging from VR training simulations to AR product design interfaces. The design of Aesel makes it ideal for enterprise deployment, where downtime is not an option.



Aesel is horizontally scalable, meaning that you can run it on a single server, or across several datacenters.


Aesel is built with redundancies in every layer, so you don’t ever have to worry about down-time.


Case Study: VR Simulations

Joint VR Simulations need a unified server to coordinate the actions of the participants and the reactions of the environment. Each participant requires only the VR device, which then communicates with the server and allows for seamless, synchronized participation within the simulation. This is especially critical in industries which relay on teams of individuals to perform a task, ranging from military to aviation.

Case Study: AR Product Design

Augmented Reality is already changing the way we design new products, but this is hampered by the lack of effective communication between devices. Aesel allows for the various individuals to work on the same designs, simultaneously. This creates a seamless environment for teamwork on complex designs.