Aesel Performance

Aesel can act as the backbone to large-scale public performances by connecting the performers with the audience in ways never before possible. Performers can use Aesel behind their interface, allowing their fans to watch them interact with their performance in real-time. Augmented Reality can cleanly integrate into the performance, allowing for heightened levels of interaction between the performer and audience. And Aesel can scale to handle hundreds, thousands, or more users with redundancy at every level, so the show goes on no matter what..



Aesel is horizontally scalable, meaning that you can run it on a single server, or across several datacenters.


Aesel is built with redundancies in every layer, so you don’t ever have to worry about down-time.


Case Study: Augmented Reality Light Shows

Today’s concerts are often accompanied with light shows, utilizing bright lights, lasers, and screens to enhance the experience of the viewers. However, even with all of this technology, the artist is still fundamentally separated from the audience, often, by a laptop. Instead, the Artist can utilize an Augmented Reality interface to run the show and interact with their music, and everyone present at the show can see them work. The artist controlling the light show can utilize the same interface, not only connecting the artist with the audience but with the rest of their team in real-time.

But what about the lights themselves? Certainly, we don’t want to replace lights and projectors with only Augmented Reality visualizations (ie. holograms), but rather we want to have a healthy mix between the two. But in a room with thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people, how can we effectively ensure that everyone sees the same thing? Aesel is the only back-end designed to ensure that all of your fans see the same images, no matter how many you have.

Public Display Photo Courtesy of Laserland – Personal PhotoPreviously published:, CC BY-SA 3.0,