Out of this World

Out of this World was the first Music Video Production from AO, and it was made entirely using Open Source tools. Follow along below as we go behind the scenes of this unique project!

Open Source: What is it?

Open Source Software means that both the program and code for the program are available publicly and freely. While hardware is a limitation, the fact that we used all Open Source means that you can go out right now and download everything that we used to make this Video, without paying a dime.


Blender is a 3D Animation Tool, amongst other things, and was the primary tool used for generating the actual images in the video.



Lives is a Video Mixing Tool, and was used for special effects application and MIDI interaction with the Video to create a video that is responsive to the music.

Animation: How it’s Done

Animation is a long and difficult process, encompassing everything from Sculpting, Optics, and Cinematography, to more technical subjects that can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, there are many people out there who love this art form and seek to help others to begin.

While plans are in the works to release overview videos of the AO Workflow, my friends over at Blender Cookie did a great job of helping me to learn Blender when I first started. If you want to get started doing animation, I suggest you check the site out. I signed up for the Premium Membership and haven’t regretted it once, they have several excellent, dedicated instructors who are Blender Foundation Certified, and I highly recommend them.


With a project of this scale, working alone is next to impossible. The fact is that there exists an amazing community of artists working with Blender who give away a great deal of their work. A massive collective of these artists is called BlendSwap. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone on the site, including the artists who’s work I used to make this project a reality. Below is a list of the people (from BlendSwap and from outside of it) who made artwork that contributed directly to this video.














Jonathan Williamson






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