A World Destroyed

The War

Not much is known about the Early Years of The Last War, but what is known is that, due to lack of food and energy, the people of the world gradually turned to violence. When the dust settled, much of human civilization lay in ashes. Nuclear Winter set in across North America, Europe, & Russia, pushing the population South.

The Expansion

With much of the Earth left inhabitable, the population looked up. Archimedes Fleet was formed when the two remaining superpowers, Brazil and The Ivory Coast, formed an alliance in 2069. Beginning with the remnants of the Space Stations of the early 21st Century, the AF quickly grew into a remarkable exploratory force. The continuing mission of the AF is to explore potentially habitable planets in the search for new homes for humanity.


The Transition

The day is 2091, and the AF has thus far identified 27 habitable planets in different parts of the Galaxy. Colony ships began leaving Earth in 2082, and after almost 10 years, the Earth is left with a scattered population.


The Earth has never truly recovered from the Last War, and those left are to be a transitional generation, seeing the last of the Human Species leave their home planet. Victoria is a Combat Engineer with the Archimedes Fleet, called on an urgent mission to investigate a strange occurance on the edge of the solar system…

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