Street Art Archive


Explore new frontiers and push the boundaries of human capabilities.

Raining Shapes

The AO Team worked for 3 months to paint each brick on the wall by hand in order to create this fantastic illusion.

Mother Earth

We worked with a professional photographer and model in order to capture the images for the central stencil of the image.


This is the overall largest stencil I’ve done to date, coming in at over 15′ tall and 8′ wide.

Motor City Madness

We captured the spirit of the Motor City in Grafitti!


This was based on two ancient Buddhist symbols, the Buddha face and the Tiratama.


This project was done in partnership with the Town of Blacksburg and the ‘Love Where you Love’ Campaign.

The Graffiti Factory

Mechanical Artwork

Blacksburg Open Street Art Wall

The back and side of Ceritano’s Restaraunt have been declared legal space for public artwork.

The Stars in Heaven

This piece was done in Roanoke, VA at the Wilson-Hughes Gallery.

The Impossible Archway

This piece was done inside The O’s Lounge in Blacksburg, VA

Harvey’s Barbershop

This piece was done in Harvey’s Barbershop in Blacksburg, VA with a VT Football Theme.