This piece was done behind Ceritano’s Restaurant in Blacksburg, VA. This was based on two ancient Buddhist symbols, the Buddha face and the Tiratama.


This project was done in partnership with the Town of Blacksburg and the ‘Love Where you Love’ Campaign. It is intended to promote watershed awareness by featuring two of the major tributaries in the area.

The Graffiti Factory

This piece was inspired by the idea that, by producing as much artwork as we have over the years, that elements of the process have become almost mechanical. This piece is a reminder to keep pushing forward and never settle, to push aside the mechanical nature of some tasks in favor of something that has yet to be tried.

Blacksburg Open Street Art Wall

We were able to work with the Local Government of Blacksburg, VA and the Local Police Departments to have the back and side of Ceritano’s Restaraunt declared a legal space for public artwork. This means that anyone can go and, with permission from the owner, paint on the walls. There are very few restrictions on what goes up (no obscenities, etc), and this is one of the largest free spaces in the area.

The Impossible Archway

This piece was done inside The O’s Lounge in Blacksburg, VA. I thought that this was a great opportunity to reach an audience that was very different from the one most often encountered with my artwork.