Upcoming Projects

Okay, so. I have a few projects still in the works. One is a video for my little brother who is releasing an album later on this year. So far the project has been super interesting and I’ve learned so much.  Mostly through trial and error like I tend to do but none the less it has been a blast this far. This one is called Finding a Way Home. I’m still putting all of the pieces together but inn the mean time, here are a few sneak peaks into how it’s looking.

Finding a Way Home





Through the Looking Glass

So, What is the Project?Through the Looking Glass

‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a project aimed at pushing the boundaries of Public Art. We combine the talents of artists & professionals to create new ways of making artwork. More importantly, we focus on Open Source Software and maintain complete transparency in the methodologies we use, much in the spirit of Street Art. We also believe in taking this mix of technology and artwork into public spaces, to be enjoyed by the public at large rather than utilizing traditional gallery spaces.

The Basic Principles of the Project

Immersive Artworks

A piece of artwork can transport the viewer to wonderous places, and we seek to accomplish this with every piece of work in this project by using digital interaction with the real world to create completely immersive experiences.